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In order to complete the pre-qualification review we need to collect preliminary information about your income, assets and credit history. We will not provide you with a credit decision as a result of this pre-qualification review. Information from the credit bureaus will allow us to provide you a better estimate of the mortgage size and program that you could reasonably support. We may request supplementary information in order to respond to your request. Once you have received the pre-qualification review, we will sincerely encourage you to apply for a mortgage loan. A loan decision cannot be made until we receive a complete mortgage application and obtain and verify applicable supporting documentation. Follow link to secure site. Please call if you have any questions.

Get Pre Qualified for Home Loan

Mortgage Qualification

We take the pre-qualification process very seriously. We want you to shop for your new home with confidence. Having proof of pre-qualification may give you an advantage over other buyers who are not pre-qualified. This letter will prove to the seller you are a serious buyer that has taken the time to prove you can complete the transaction by securing a mortgage.

Pre-qualification is accepted throughout the Texas market and not limited to a single property or sub division.

Make Offer on Home

Buy The Home You Want

With the help of your realtor and a pre-qualification letter, you’re ready to make an offer on the home you want. This process will also help determine the best mortgage rate you will qualify for. You will have a much more accurate estimate of the payment amount based on facts and not guessing. This may allow you to increase your bid if needed or stop you from over paying due to incorrect loan information.

Home Under Contract

Mortgage Loan Processing

Once you’re under contract we go to work. We handle everything from processing to closing in-house. Even when pre-qualified the process is not over. Please avoid any changes in your financial life until after the closing.

Mortgage Loan Closing Documents

Mortgage Loan Documents

The first step before processing and underwriting is signing docs. We go over each document with you.

Closing Loan

Closing on Your New Home

We’ve made it through processing, underwriting and you’re ready to close. Closing is the process of gathering all the needed documents and signatures. After closing you receive the keys to your new home!

The payment calculator below will give you a range of payment options based on loan amount, interest rate and the amount of the down payment. Remember to allow for Taxes, Insurance and HOA fees which are not shown in the total. 

How To Get The Best Mortgage Rates 

The way to get the lowest mortgage rate is being prepared to make a purchase. This means doing your homework months in advance of your loan. Check your credit score and have any errors removed. Make sure your income to dept ratio is in line and improve it if you can. Make sure if renting you have receipts to prove a payment history. If you pay cash go to the lessor and ask for proof of your payment history. Same with income, you need proof of income and work history. Avoid adding any dept such as a new car. Even though the payment might be the same a longer loan term could make a difference vs one that would be paid off quickly. Consult your mortgage lender ahead of time so you can make your purchase stress free.

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